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Contact Major League Sailing
You can always get in contact with us via e-mail. These are the addresses you can use:
This mailbox is monitored by the Race Committee.
Use this address when you have general questions or ideas about the whole event.
This mailbox is managed by the race organization for operational activities. It could be mass mailing to all participants, mail to specific teams and its members, mail to individuals etc.
Use this address when you have specific questions about the tournament.
This mailbox is monitored and managed by the Protest Committee.
Use this address in all direct communication with PC.

Race Committee:
  • Blue Sweden
  • Goffe
  • Legsy
  • Spirillen
  • Tulle

Protest Committee:
  • Spirillen (Chairman)
  • Fix oder Nix
  • Kenny
  • Legsy
  • Steviekouris
  • Tulle
  • Ivanhoe (Co-opted Member)


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