Blue server Race 2 - Protest - Galaxy vs Djonny

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Blue server Race 2 - Protest - Galaxy vs Djonny

Post by euphoria »

Submission Type: P

1. Your registered Boat Name: euphoria

2. Race Day: 2

3, Group: Blue

4. Race: 2

5. Time: 12:50

6. Rule(s) applicable: 2 + 10/13/18.3

7. Boat(s) involved: Djonny and Galaxy

8. Description:
After Galaxy completes his tack to starboard at 12:43.50, Djonny on port is clearly not able to cross ahead and has more than 3 seconds to start tacking under the mark. Instead he goes around the mark, forces a collision with Galaxy and breaks rule 10/13/18.3, which probably is a violation of rule 2.

9. Print Screen attached: Not required under RRS Rule 2 and MLS Rule 3.6.1.

10. Replay attached: As I'm not directly involved, I'm linking the host replay.

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Re: Blue server Race 2 - Protest - Galaxy vs Djonny

Post by Toppen »

Facts :
Galaxy and Djonny were on port
Ryh00 was STB
Galaxy tacked outside of the zone, and finished his tack at 12:43:50
Djonny began his tack at 12:47:50 inside of the zone in order to round the topmark
Djonny received RRS10, and did his penalty turn
Euphoria protested against Djonny on forum according MLS Rule 3.6.1

Conclusion :
Galaxy gave Djonny enough time to react after completed his tack
Djonny didn't even try to keep clear, forced the collision with Galaxy and therefore barged
Euphoria's protest ACCEPTED
Djonny to be scored DNE for breaking RRS2

MLS Protest Committee

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