MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 3, P + R

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MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 3, P + R

Post by Zez » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:07 am

Submission Type: P + R

1. Your registered Boat Name: Zez

2. Race Day: 2

3. Group: Red

4. Race : 3

5. Time (in Replay): from 00:55 to 02:05

6. Rule(s) applicable: 11

7. Skipper(s) involved: Defender; Albertiva ( team mates )

8. Description: Sailing to the start line, I overlap leeway of Defender. I sail closed hauled with the same course than Defender. Defender ease sail. She is keep sailing with sail eased and do not keep clear, contact occurs at 01:13. Afterward, she beared down then start to clear her pen, hitting her stern on my bow. That lowered my speed and manouverability, made Albertiva overlaped leeway ( team mate of defender ). I luffed head to win as fast as possible. Untill 2 seconds after start time, Albertiva sailed ease, even if she was very late ( - 15s start time and very low speed ), doing her best to lower me and/or hunt a penality.
At 02.02, top mast hit and pen 11 occurs, I tried to avoid with top mast contact Albertiva top mast contact but I couldnt luff enough. I passed starte line 10 sec after start time at lower speed. I asked cancelation as I was feeling the whole situation was not fair. I was waiting for answer and I did 360 as soon as I realised she did answer no.
I ask redress.

9. Print Screen attached: yes

10. Replay attached: yes
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Re: MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 3, P + R

Post by defender » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:59 pm

At about 50 seconds from the start, being early I visibly slowed down the boat leaving the sails. Zez was coming from windward. He decided to pass downwind and luff extremely on my route to give me voluntary penalties. I was practically at a standstill and I was forced to poge to get back some speed and then turn right to make my penalty far. Zez, besides acting like an unfair, he also abused the chat with words not worthy of a good skipper. I didn't ask for the cancellation of the penalty and I didn't write any comment in chat, because this unsportsmanlike happened doesn't deserve further comments.
I conclude that Zez had all the space to maneuver quietly whether he had continued sailing upwind or downwind, given that my speed was much lower than his. The contact could have avoided him and he would certainly have left before me and Albervita, without receiving any penalty from anyone!!!
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Re: MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 3, P + R

Post by Legsy » Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:52 pm

The pen to Zez is correct, he had time and opportunity to keep clear of Albervita, after the incident with Defender, so that had not any really influens on Zez's pen.
Albervita refuses pen cancel, he says by mistake, and leaves the race as per rules of MLS, so he does the correct ting after his mistake, and therefore no further action on Albervita, other than Albervita DSQ for breaking the rules of MLS.

Regarding cancellation request from Zez: Pen was correct, and the rules of MLS on the outcome, when when boats ask for cancellation of correct pen, even if they decide to take a pen turn anyway. Therefore Zez is DSQ, for asking for cancellation of a correct pen, eventhough he takes a pen turn.

Further more the PC finds the following. Defender gets a correct pen by Zez, after the pen is given, Defender bears down on Zez, and slows zez down. This the PC finds, is deliberately breaking the rules, and a kind of sailing the PC don't like to see. Therefore Defender is given a DNE, even though Defender took a pen turn.

Regarding RDG: Since Zez is DSQ, no RDG can be given.

Albervita DSQ for breaking the rules MLS.
Zez DSQ for breaking RRS 11.
Defender DNE for breaking rule 2.

PC for MLS

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