AC75 Testevent

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AC75 Testevent

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Is the AC75 suitable for the MLS?

I think so, but there are a few things to consider. In order to be able to handle the flying boats, it is essential that they are sailed more. To achieve this, it would be very helpful if the decision makers of the MLS would support the use of the boat for the MLS, because many test regattas take place with regard to the MLS regattas and if the AC75 were there, this would lead to the boat being sailed more as well. Flying with this boat must be "learned". Only if everyone knows how to behave in special situations is it guaranteed that there will be fair regattas. "Lag" is a problem (not only with AC75) and lag can be reduced if more is sailed with the affected boats. The test event has brought some insights into how the "maps" should be built and also how long a course should be so that it is suitable as an MLS regatta.

I think that if we fly more, it will become more and more "normal" for everyone to handle these boats and I am happy if you give your opinions and experiences here. I would also be interested to know how the teams that sail in the MLS comment on this. Maybe every team captain can briefly express his team's opinion on the use of the AC75 in the MLS here. I'm curious...

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Re: AC75 Testevent

Post by fasttits »

I am not a regular MLS participant and therefore do not have a comment on if the AC75 should be used for the MLS event. (no need to read more)

My opinion on the boat to be used in events in general or as a stand alone.... I think it is great boat and it is a blast to sail!
I agree with everything that Q23 said above. I tend to sail above average in the standard AC boat. However I was over at the start half the time on this boat (even though I thought I was not). I tacked inside boats at the top mark because I thought they were over stood (they may not have been at 45 degrees) I ran into a boat or two (have not done that in 5+ years on the other boat, and it was more frustrating and difficult.) Long and short.... practice practice practice....

That being said.... I thought it was a LOT of fun. I loved the races and the event. I thought it was great that it was NPC. I would love to see another similar event, Maybe it has longer legs like Q23 suggested for MLS or shorten the legs, keep it fun, NPC and just know there will be a lot of crashing and burning along the way. (keep it loose)

I hope to see more servers open with AC75.... I loved the event, and think the boat, although tough to handle, is a lot of fun.
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Re: AC75 Testevent

Post by zhik »

So I have participated to the AC75 regatta, it was really fun to sail a new boat. Learn the behaviour of a new boat is cool. Moreover that this is the ac75, the boat which gonna be use for the necg two cup. But since I’ve sailed with the ac72 made by kdteam. I’ve taken the most fun with this boat because you need to trim to make the boat faster. Like the AC50, it’s the same. If we could trimmed to be a little faster. It will make the boat less arcade and more technical. The AC75 is less technical than the acc. It’s a pity, because I feel no challenge with the AC75. The boat lacks of challenge. At least this is a fun boat. But I would like something more mature where we will see the full potential of all esailors.
I had proposed to create a regatta with the ac50. You may see the behaviour, the technicality. And then compared with the AC75.
To conclude, Get the technicality of the ac50 on the AC75 would be good.
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Re: AC75 Testevent

Post by laj2 »

After this very exciting test event my experience with the boat is:
The AC75 can be used as one of the boats in the MLS if:
No more than 15 boats
The wind is set to no more than F6. F5 should be preferred
The start is set up for a first leg against the wind
The first leg must be ca 7-9 min long
There must be a gate on top- and first downwind legs
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