Do we all understand MLS

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Do we all understand MLS

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It is season 8 (and for some skippers many seasons of Blues League, ISAF championships and many other events) and for me it's a little "unfortunate" to see that there are still skippers that do not understand the MLS concept and to its extension the World Sailing Rules.

Not understanding Sailing Rules (as in real life) means it is probably difficult to understand MLS and what are the various people behind the scenes doing.
Personally I think it's a shame to see an explanation ending with "it was unfair" or a cancel that is not followed by an explanation effectively disqualifying the boat. I don't like seeing DSQ because this DSQ does not give the chance for the team for a proper score, or in any case affects the scoring of other boats. It is not a fair scoring when a boat gets DSQ just because it did not spend 3 minutes to send an explanation.

I can go on & on, but I would suggest a captains meeting prior to start of following seasons so that the Committee makes sure that the head of the teams at least understand how their team needs to race to have a fair chance in the championship. I think the captain should have greater responsibility and perhaps oversee the protest procedure of their teammates.

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Re: Do we all understand MLS

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Hi Alex
Thanks for the post.
We will discuss the ideas at the next MLS RC meeting after this season is completed

Legsy for and on behalf of MLS RC

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