MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 1, E

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Jammy Dodger
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MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 1, E

Post by Jammy Dodger »

Submission Type: E

1. Your registered Boat Name: Jammin Dovetails

2. Race Day: 2

3. Group: Red

4. Race : 1

5. Time (in Replay): 9:34

6. Rule(s) applicable: 10, 15, 13

7. Skipper(s) involved: Dennis Conners VSKfunsters

8. Description: Dennis approaching on starboard, i decide to duck his stern on port. At the time of me approaching his stern, Dennis decides to tack. This action gave me no chance to keep clear and caused contact. I believe Dennis broke rrs15 therefore I asked cancel and protested Dennis. Dennis responds by doing a 360, my protest is withdrawn.

9. Print Screen attached: (required for a valid PROTEST)

10. Replay attached: Y (optional)
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Re: MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 1, E

Post by Legsy »


As Jammin, on port, is going behind DC, on starboard, DC starts to change course, in order to tack. Jammin has no time or opportunity to still keep clear, when DC changes course, therefore DC breaks RRS 16.2. DC waits about 40 seconds, before taking the pen, even though he had opportunity to take it earlier, therefore DC breaks RRS 44.2.

Jammin protest DC, but DC accepted the protest, so Jammin writes that protest is withdrawn, as per the rules of MLS. So no point should be added, if PC accepts the withdrawl of protest.

Jammin pen cancel accepted, protest withdrawl accepted no point added, no further action.
DennisConner DSQ for breaking RRS 44.2.

PC for MLS
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Re: MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 1, E

Post by DennisConner »

Hi guys!

Sorry but I am a bit confused about my DSQ. Could you please tell me what is as soon as possible in this specific situation?

- I gave a pen which was cancelled after compleating my tack... 5 sec
- Short thinking (and short discussion in TS with team mates) if I did something wrong or was the contact because of going too fast upwind again by the other boat.?. 20sec
- During discussion there was also the “P” of Jammin... thinking of doing the pen... 25sec
- Taking a view around and being sure not to cross another boats way... 30sec
- Seeing ZK has tacked away... another short view... beginning to take the pen exactly 35 sec after the penalty by Nadeo to Jammin (not 40 sec!)

Is this really late? For the futute... what is acceptable?

Let me ask you another question: Do you check every regular given pen by Nadeo being taken as soon as possible? I don’t think so... should I protest every of these pens because of a possible 44.2? Then viewing the replay and decide what protests to be withdrawn and what to give to the jury? Of course not! This would be ridiculous!

Furthermore Jammin withdrawed the protest... so why is the PC still so busy in this case? Pen was cancelled... at least one boat did a turn... no other boats race has been destroyed... everything perfect... no additional sanctions necessary.

Greetz, DC
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Re: MLS S9 Day 2, Red, Race 1, E

Post by Spirillen »

PC have looked at the replay, even though it do not have to, as the decision is final as per the rules og MLS.

PC still finds, THAT DC had time and opportunity to take the pen, much earlier. DC nothing for 30 seconds, in order to sail free, and take the pen.

Therefore PC finds that DC breaks RRS 44.2, and is given a DSQ.

PC for MLS
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