Found out about this game recently and need help running it

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Found out about this game recently and need help running it

Post by tatauna »

Hi! First time posting here.
I go by Tatauna and found Virtual Skipper through the Trackmania community - a community I'm very active on.
I got to this beautiful forum after about an hour of skimming through what felt like the ruins of an ancient civilization haha

I'd imagine you have probably seen your fair share of people coming here with this question, but how do you run this game (or any of its versions really)? I'm on Windows 10 and from what I've gathered so far that *might* be a problem, I'd appreciate any answers. What happens to me is I can open the game normally, but the UI is just color blocks, no text, and..from just pressing the buttons in all orders I could think of, it just always quits the game :( honestly, I could deal with being able to play the game without any texts in the UI if I knew how to navigate it nonetheless, but I genuinely feel like I've reached a wall I can't transpose so yeah, any help really would be much much welcome. <3
Also, I could only find download links for VS 5, not VS Online. Is Online just not a thing anymore?

Honestly, I have too many questions and would love to bring this conversation to discord, but the link in the website has expired! :(
I'd be happy to join the discord server so that I can help you keep this forum clean of "how do I run the game" posts, as I know that can get annoying.

Best wishes,
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Re: Found out about this game recently and need help running it

Post by euphoria »

Hi Tatuana,

VSK5 is an old game (2007) but it's still the best tactical regatta simulator available and used regularly online by around 1000 sailors worldwide. The download link for Vsk5Online is this: ... _setup.exe

Windows 10 works fine, but with some newer computers there are some problems that are fixable for this old game. If you attach a screenshot of how your game looks, it could help us solve your problem, but from what you tell I assume it can be fixed by following this procedure:

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