Apologies from FMR Team

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Apologies from FMR Team

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FMR Team would like to apologise to all other teams and skippers for not fullfilling our duties in time after the season 16 finals were over.
Two of us (including me) had to give an explanation for cancelled penalties which we did not. We didn't think this (non) action could change the results but we were wrong as NOR Team would have finished 3rd and not 4th at the overall ranking if we had done our job.

We are very well aware that such non-actions can be crucial and bring unfair situations to this great event and we can promise it won't happen a second time.

Loïg/103 SPX and all members of FMR Team
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Re: Apologies from FMR Team

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Thanks for the apologies, NOR Team accepts it and look at the scores as if you did your duties... :-)
Congrats with your impressive season, even though the final day was not the best.

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