Cancelation in Race 2

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Cancelation in Race 2

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Submission Type:

1. Your registered Boat Name: Oversteer

2. Race Day: 5

3, Group (colour): Also ran

4. Race (number): 2

5. Time (in Replay):11.30

6. Rule(s) applicable:18.2

7. Boat(s) involved:Diamian, Oversteer, Regis

8. Description: Oversteer was approaching the windward mark on starboard with Diamian inside, and Regis to windward.

Diamian luffed to get round the mark. Oversteer luffed but was prevented from luffing further by Regis who did not leave sufficient room and received a pen from nadeo.
The contact with Regis slowed Oversteer. Regis turned down to round the mark causing Oversteer to turn to port and then receive a pen from Diamian.
Oversteer asked to cancel as I believe Regis prevented me from keeping clear both as we approached the mark and by turning to port as we were leaving the mark.

9. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest):

10. Replay attached (recommended):
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Re: Cancelation in Race 2

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Oversteer was not able to give mark-room to Damian because Regis did not give enough mark-room to Oversteer.

Oversteer exonerated from breaking rule 18.2(a).
Cancellation accepted.

The protest committee
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