explanation of pen cancel

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explanation of pen cancel

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Submission Type:

1. Your registered boat name: The White Boat

2. Group: Also Ran

3. Race (number): 2

4. Time of incident (in replay): 21.45

5. Rule(s) applicable: 18 - not 10

6. Boat(s) involved: TWB and Kanliaris

7. Description: TWB was passing the mark protected by 18. Before the mark was "past" Kanliaris gave me a 10 which I think was wrong

8. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest):

9. Replay attached (recommended): -
Deliverance 2(28'58''66).Replay.Gbx
(2.55 MiB) Downloaded 24 times
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Re: explanation of pen cancel

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The white boat clear ahead of Kanliaris into the zone around the gate mark.
Kanliaris on starboard rounded the mark behind The white boat on port.

The white boat kept clear of Kanliaris.
Kanliaris gave room to The white boat.

No rules broken

The protest committee
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