Season 8, Race Day 4, Group Blue, Race 1, Explanation

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Season 8, Race Day 4, Group Blue, Race 1, Explanation

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1. Your registered Boat Name: Jammin Dovetails
2. Race Day #: 4
3. Group:Blue
4. Race #: 1
5. Time(inReplay):10:30
6. Rule(s) applicable: 13, 20.2
7. Skipper(s)involved: Freja JEDI, Saf TTW South
8. Description: Jammin and Saf are approaching the windward mark close hauled on Port, Jammin to windward of Saf. Freja is even further to windward of Jammin. Blue Sweden approaches and is an obstruction on starboard. In anticipation of Saf calling for room to tack for Blue, Jammin asks Freja RTT in plenty of time, approx 9 seconds, Saf asks RTT from Jammin immediately after. Freja does not respond, she instead causes jammin to delay his tack more than is needed or seamanlike giving Jammin a pen 13. So Jammin asks for cancel as Freja broke 20.2.
9. Print Screen attached: Y
10. Replay attached: Y
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Re: Season 8, Race Day 4, Group Blue, Race 1, Explanation

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First some info:
4 boats on port, 1 on starboard:
P1: on port, ahead of the others (green stribe inmailsail) (Zez TTW)
P2: on port, boat most to leeward (red stribe insail) (SAF)
P3: onport, middle boat (green stribe in sail) (Jammin)
P4: onport, the most windward boat (white hull) (Freja)
S1: onstarboard and on lay line. (Bluesweden)

P2, P3and P4 are all overlapped (I have checked)
The mark is the white dot, and the zone is here only 2 boat lengths.

At00:00:02 (in video) P2 calls for room to tack
At00:00:04 P3 calls for room to tack
At00:00:10 there is contact between P3 and P4.
Video attached as zip file.

From the umpire:
Facts found
Approaching the windward mark:
P1 completes a tack onto starboard
P2 on port is at risk of collision with S on starboard.
P3, on port, is overlapped to windward with P4 to windward.
P2 hails for room to tack.
P4 bears away to pass astern of P1
P3 hails for room to tack.
P2 passes head to wind. Before P2 reaches close-hauled, P3, at risk of collision, passes head to wind, obliging P4 to also pass head to wind.
P4 reaches close hauled on starboard at the mark with P3,close-hauled overlapped to windward. As P4 bears away to round themark there is contact between port quarter of P4 and starboard side of P3.

S was an obstruction for P2. P2's hail for room to tack complied with RRS 20.1. P3 responded as requred by tacking.
P3 had been hailed for room to tack and intended to respond by tacking. P3's hail for room to tack complied with RRS 20.3. P4responded, as required, by tacking.
P1 was an obstruction for both P3 and P4. When P3 passed astern of P1 she gave room to P4, overlapped inside as required byRRS19.2b.
When P3 and P4 passed head to wind P4 was overlapped in the zone. However RRS 18.2a does not apply as RRS 20.2e applies.
When both P3 and P4 reach close hauled on starboard P3 has tacked and avoided P4. RRS 20.2e ceases to apply.
P4 is overlapped inside at the zone. P3 is required by RRS 18.2ato give mark room. When P4 bears away, RRS 16 does not apply as P4 is sailing within the mark-room to which she is entitled.
P3, overlapped outside in the zone did not give P4 mark room as required by RRS 18.2a.

Jammin pen cancel not accepted, Jammin DSQ for breaking RRS 18.2a
No action against other boats.

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