Season 9, Grande Finale, Race 1, E

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Season 9, Grande Finale, Race 1, E

Post by Petter »

Submission Type: Explanations

1. Your registered Boat Name: Petter

2. Race Day: Finale

3. Group: Finals

4. Race : 1

5. Time (in Replay): starting 04:08

6. Rule(s) applicable: 10

7. Skipper(s) involved: SAF TTW West

8. Description: SAF clearly stated "I go behind" through our audio system, discord, and I accepted to go keep going. He ducked me and there was no contact on mine nor his screen but rrs 10 was still given. Let me know on if you wish to receive my replay.

9. Print Screen attached: (required for a valid PROTEST)

10. Replay attached: (optional)

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Re: Season 9, Grande Finale, Race 1, E

Post by Spirillen »

Time given in explanation is not replay time, as it is stated in the rules of MLS that it should be.
Petter has given the game time, and therefore breaks the rules of MLS.

Petter pen cancel not accepted, DSQ for breaking the rules of MLS.

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