Re: Season 10, Day 2, Red Server, Race 6, E 103 SPX/Batboat

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103 SPX
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Re: Season 10, Day 2, Red Server, Race 6, E 103 SPX/Batboat

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Submission Type: Explanation

1. Your registered Boat Name: 103 SPX

2. Race Day: 2

3. Group: Red

4. Race : 6

5. Time (in Replay): Pen: 24:15, Cancel: 24:34

6. Rule(s) applicable: 2

7. Skipper(s) involved: Batboat Jedi

8. Description:

103 SPX approaching last windward mark on starboard tack. Batboat sails about one length of a boat behind and two lenghts of a boat windward to 103 SPX and is followed by Marino right behind him (about one length of a boat distance). Considering Batboat and Marino could prevent 103 to round the mark once on port tack 103 chose to go overline (about 20°over) before tacking on port. This way 103 anticipated the possible collision with Batboat by giving him enough room to round the mark (about one length and a half of a boat which is in my opinion more than enough to round the mark without risking a pen 31.1 especially with current coming from astern before rounding the mark). Marino was not a threat to Batboat either.

Batboat instead of rounding the mark as soon as he could chose to continue on starboard tack in order to deliberately give a pen 10 to 103 who left him more room than he needed to round the mark.

By sailing a longer distance and keeping on sailing on starboard tack until pen is given to 103 Batboat in my opinion breaks rule 2 (A boat and her owner shall compete in compliance with recognized principles of sportsmanship and fair play...).

103 did his best to avoid contact by luffing (24:15) as soon as she saw Batboat took longer than necessary for her to round the mark but pen 10 was given.

9. Print Screen attached: (required for a valid PROTEST) no

10. Replay attached: (optional) no
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Re: Re: Season 10, Day 2, Red Server, Race 6, E 103 SPX/Batboat

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Dear 103 and RC

Please look at RR CASE 9:
"When a starboard-tack boat chooses to sail past a windward mark, a port-tack boat must keep clear. There is no rule that requires a boat to sail a proper course".
The World Sailing CASE BOOK for Interpretations of the Racing Rules is short, precise and very clear in this situaton - see CASE 9.
Best regards
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Re: Re: Season 10, Day 2, Red Server, Race 6, E 103 SPX/Batboat

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Facts : approaching top mark

BatBoat and 103 SPX are STB, 103 SPX is leeward of Batboat. 103 SPX tacks further than the layline in order to give enough room for Batboat.
103 SPX tries to luff in order to give even more room for Batboat, but Batboat give an RRS10 for 103 SPX
103 SPX ask, Batboat accept.

There is no rule that requires Batboat to sail her proper course at the windward mark. Therefore rule 10 applies and 103 SPX must keep clear.

103 SPX explanation not accepted
103 SPX DSQ for breaking RRS 10
Batboat No further action

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