MLS Grande Finale - Top Server - Race 2

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MLS Grande Finale - Top Server - Race 2

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Submission Type: Explanation

1. Your registered Boat Name: 103 SPX BZH Connection

2. Race Day: Finale

3. Group: Top

4. Race : 2

5. Time (in Replay): 1:58

6. Rule(s) applicable: 16.1, 11

7. Skipper(s) involved: 103 SPX / Carly Master TTW

8. Description:

A few seconds before start all boats are sailing to the line. Carly Master is sailing ahead of 103 SPX, both on starboard tack. Coming from astern, 103 SPX creates overlap leeward to Carly Master between 1:50 and 1:51. Carly Master then doesn't have enough room to avoid OCS and/or collision with 103 SPX. After overlap is created 103 SPX bears slightly away (1:54) in order to avoid contact then slightly luffs (1:55) to avoid the shadow of Zhik who is the next boat leeward (close about half a length of a boat) of 103 SPX. Collision occurs at 1:58. Pen 16.1 is given to 103 SPX and Carly Master is given a 30.1 for OCS. 103 SPX asks for cancellation and Carly Master accepts.

To me Carly Master broke RRS 11 by not keeping clear of an overlapped leeward boat. He had time and room to keep clear as 103 SPX only slightly luffed (not more than 5°) between the time overlap was created and the collision.

9. Print Screen attached: (required for a valid PROTEST)

10. Replay attached: (optional)

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Re: MLS Grande Finale - Top Server - Race 2

Post by Legsy »

Facts at start of the race :
>103 SPX bear away and become leeward of Carly Master with more speed
>103 SPX luff Carly
>Nadeo give RRS16.1 to 103 SPX by Carly Master
>103 SPX asks to cancel his pen
> Carly Master accept

> RRS16.1 is wrong, should be a RRS11 for Carly Master
> But there isn't any protest against Carly Master

Explanation ACCEPTED
No further action against Carly Master as he DNF


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