Season 10, Race Day 4, Server MLS top, Race 2, E

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Season 10, Race Day 4, Server MLS top, Race 2, E

Post by LG07 »

Submission Type: Explanation

1. Your registered Boat Name: LG'07

2. Race Day: 4 (final)

3. Group: MLS top

4. Race : 2

5. Time (in Replay): from 21:38 (pen 17) to 22:17 (start of penalty turn).

6. Rule(s) applicable: 17.1

7. Skipper(s) involved: LG'07 & Wetsuff

8. Description: LG07 receives 17.1, I had no room to turn and I ask for cancel. I did complete penalty turn after.

9. Print Screen attached: yes
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10. Replay attached: (optional)

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Re: Season 10, Race Day 4, Server MLS top, Race 2, E

Post by Legsy »

Facts before downwind mark :
>LG'07 is behind and leeward of Wetstuff

21:34 : LG'07 luffs Wetstuff and sails above the axis of the mark
21:37 : Nadeo give RRS17.1 to LG'07

LG'07 asks to cancel his pen, wetstuff accepts.
LG'07 turns around the mark.

22:08 : LG'07 finishs his spinnaker maneuver
22:16 : LG'07 begins his 360 in order to repair his RRS17.1

LG'07 should have write 'Post Skipper Name' in the chat.
He fails here.

> RRS17.1 was correct
> LG'07 didn't mark 'Post Skipper Name' in the chat, but he did his 360 ASAP after his spinnaker manoeuvre and far away from the fleet.

The MLS Rules read "A boat which is given a penalty by the in-game umpire and is unable to take it without disturbing other boats, may postpone it by writing 'Post Skipper Name' in the chat. He/she can then ask for penalty cancellation which gives the skipper time to find a proper place to take the penalty. As for any cancellation request an 'Explanation' must be submitted."

From the "Cancellation" section: "The requesting boat cannot change its mind and complete a penalty turn afterwards."


The MLS PC had to consider the fact they are setting a precedent for future MLS Series.

Therefore in this case LG should be DSQ as the protocol and requisite procedure(s) have not been followed.

Explanation REJECTED
LG'07 DSQ for breaking RRS 17


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