MLS S8 D1 R2, green server, cancel

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MLS S8 D1 R2, green server, cancel

Post by Spirillen »

Submission Type: cancel

1. Your registered Boat Name: Balder Loyal Sailing

2. Race Day #: 1

3. Group: Green

4. Race #: 2

5. Time (in Replay): 13:57

6. Rule(s) applicable: 17

7. Skipper(s) involved: Duffy

8. Description: Sailing for the off-set mark, not sailing higher than prober course, in order to fetch mark.

9. Print Screen attached (required for a valid PROTEST): NA

10. Replay attached (optional):No

Submitted on behalf of Balder by Spirillen
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Re: MLS S8 D1 R2, green server, cancel

Post by Legsy »


Balder sails higher than proper course required to round the mark and so broke RRS 17

Decision: Balder broke RRS 17, sailing higher then proper course.
Pen cancel request not accepted, Balder DSQ

Legsy for MLS PC

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