Blue Race 3, Laj cancelled a penalty

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Blue Race 3, Laj cancelled a penalty

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Submission Type: Explanation to request for pen cancellation.

1. Your registered Boat Name: LaJ2

2. Race Day: 1

3, Group (colour): Blue

4. Race (number): 3

5. Time (in Replay): ca 2sec

6. Rule(s) applicable: 11

7. Boat(s) involved: LaJ2/Salento

8. Description: I got a correct pen from Salento. I had no room to take my pen immediately, since I was blocked to both port and starboard. I was afraid I could not complete the penalty in 60 seconds, so I requested cancellation. I took the penalty as soon as I could.

9. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest):

10. Replay attached (recommended):
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Re: Blue Race 3, Laj cancelled a penalty

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Facts Found
1. At the starting signal, Laj got a penalty for RRS 11 from Nadeo umpire.
2. Laj asked for cancel.
3. Laj did a penalty turn as soon as reasonably possible after the incident.

1. Laj did his penalty and shall not be further penalized

Penalty cancel Accepted

The protest committee
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