MLS 14 Day 1 BLUE server race 3 - Cancel

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MLS 14 Day 1 BLUE server race 3 - Cancel

Post by duffy »

Submission Type:

1. Your registered Boat Name: Duffy

2. Race Day: 1

3, Group (colour): BLUE

4. Race (number): 3

5. Time (in Replay): 15.41

6. Rule(s) applicable: 18.2.B / 16.1.

7. Boat(s) involved: Duffy versus Fasttits

8. Description: Fasttits and Duffy are on starboard wind abeam passing the mark and is supposed to bear away to go downwind. Fasttits is clear ahead of Duffy. Duffy stay clear of Fasttits, but after passing the mark Fasttits is luffing up in stead of bearing away and hereby causing collision with Duffy. After passing the mark Fasttits is not under rule 18.2.b., but Fasttits breaks rule 16.1.

9. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest):

10. Replay attached (recommended):
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Re: MLS 14 Day 1 BLUE server race 3 - Cancel

Post by euphoria »

When Fasttits still was passing the mark and sailing straight, Duffy overlapped to leeward of him on a collision course. Fattits immediately luffed, and there was contact between the boats.

Duffy did not give Fasttits room to keep clear when he established overlap to leeward, and broke rule 15.
Duffy did not give mark-room to Fasttits and broke rule 18.2(b), 18.2(c)(1) and 18.2(c)(2).

Duffy to be disqualified in the race.

The Protest Committee
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