2017-08-31 Major League Sailing - Season 6

Once again we welcome you to a thrilling MLS Season.

The first racing day will be Tuesday, October 10, at CEST 21:00.


Some amendments/changes/clarifications:

- 3 skippers/team in each race.

- One new boat type, Swan45 instead of TP52.

- 4 teams in "Grande Finale".

- Only 1 "Medal Race" (last race) in "Grande Finale".

- Highlighting knowledge of World Sailing, Racing Rules of Sailing, 2017-2020.

- A boat hailing a manual penalty. does NOT have to submit a protest if the protested boat takes its pen.

- A boat voluntarily taking a pen, (in case it has broken a rule), MUST write "360 done" after doing it.

- The PC members will have team mates racing. (Change of RRS 63.4).

- A PC member will NOT take part in cases or decisions involving a team member.


Now get your teams organized and fill out the Application/Registration form on the S.I. side regardless whether you registered before or not. NOTE! Each individual skipper MUST send in Application/Registration form. We really need HOSTS and Bandicam operators. Please tick in boxes if you can help.


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