2019-03-22 Final Results after Race Day 2

Finally the results after Race Day 2 are published on Results page. (Correction done).

The Protest Committee had a hell of a job going through all the incidents.

Yes, we all want to win, but PLEASE, try to behave. Otherwise we won't have a Protest Committee or even an MLS any more.


2019-03-13 Preliminary Results Day 2

The Preliminary Results after Day 2 are now published on Results page.


2019-03-10 Groups Race Day 2

There is still one PC case pending. Regardless of the outcome of that case, TTW East and VSKFunsters are at the top, and therefore seeded for Race Day 2. The other teams are drawn by using "Random Name Picker". The Groups for Race Day 2, Tuesday, March 12, are published on the Teams/Schedule page.


2019-02-27 Preliminary Results Day 1

The Preliminary Results for Day 1 are now published on Results page.


2019-02-23 Groups Race Day 1

Deadline for registration of Teams has expired. There will be two Groups with 7 teams in each Group. The Groups for Race Day 1 are published on the Teams/Schedule page. The two best teams from Season 8 are seeded, one in each Group. The other teams have been drawn using Random Name Picker.


2019-02-18 Change of Format

New wording…"...On each server, 4 to 7 teams with 3 to 5 members each will participate in each race. The teams will be divided between two or more servers depending on the number of participating teams. Maximum 21 contestants per server. …"


2019-02-11 Map Pack published

Two weeks to go and time is running. Courses for Season 9 are now published. Go to Download page and download the installation program.


On the same page you can also download RC44 and TP52 if you don't already have these boat types.


For teams who don't have their own skins, MLS can offer ready-made skins. Just contact us and we will send you the desired skins (and associated loc files). NOTE! Do NOT use MLS skins you have used any previous season.


2019-01-27 Invitation - Major League Sailing - Season 9




MLS Race Committee is very happy to invite you to MLS – Season 9.


This is an invitation regatta. The invitation is sent to most skippers who participated in previous seasons or have registered earlier, and other skippers known as good, fair and honest VSK skippers.

It is a team event using Fleet Race Rules. Create, or try join a team and send in Application/Registration.

A team or a skipper does not have to belong to a specific club. If you don't have a team, register anyway and maybe we can help you to form a team or be a part of an existing team.


To start from scratch, we want you to fill out the Application/Registration form on th S.I. page regardless whether you were registered some previous season or not.

NOTE! Each individual skipper MUST send in Application/Registration form.

We really need HOSTS and Video (Bandicam) operators. Please tick in boxes if you can help.


First come – first served. This means that the quicker you register a team, the more likely you will be granted a spot in the regatta.

The number of servers, teams and racing skippers on each server will depend on the number of registered teams. We will try to get either 18 teams in which case 3 skippers/team will participate in each race, or 15 teams in which 4 skippers/team will participate in each race.

The Teams/Skippers finally allowed to participate, will be decided by MLS Race Committee at their own discretion.


Virtual Skipper is a simulation/game application. Even so, we want to emulate real sailing competition as far as possible. The rules are based on World Sailing’s ”Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020” (RRS) and we have a Protest Committee and Jury decisions.

Don’t forget to register in the Forum. Besides submitting cases and being able to follow all PC cases, some other information may be published there.

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to fill out the PC Form using a ready-made template. Both Screenshot and Replay can be attached to a Topic. Read the instructions, link on “Rules” page, and make your registration in the Forum.


Many people talk about ”fair sailing”. The word ”fair” can be treacherous. It may mean different things to different people in different cultures. To us, fair sailing, means to obey and follow RRS. These rules are the same for all racing skippers all over the world.

Don’t forget to freshen up your rules knowledge.


Follow the News and read all details, S.I., Rules and more, incl. possible changes from previous season and possible amendments/clarifications to S.I. and Rules.


Very Welcome to a real top event. Compete with the very best VSK skippers!


Major League Sailing

Race Committee


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