2018-10-19 Preliminary Results after Day 2 after Final Results Day 1

The last case from Day 1 is now decided and closed. We recommend you to read the whole story in the Forum. (MLS 8 - Day 1- Race 1-GREEN- PCRE Fix vs Sailor-GER WST). It shows how complicated and complex a mark rounding sometimes can be.


2018-10-19 New Protest Committee members

The MLS RC and PC are happy to announce three more members of the Protest Committee.

Welcome on board: Ed-3V, Kent 38 and Toppen.


2018-10-17 Correction Preliminary Results after Day 2

The mistake a tired administrator did late last night is now corrected. :-)


2018-10-17 Preliminary Results after Day 2

You will find the preliminary results after Race Day 2 HERE.


2018-10-16 Forum invaded

Last couple of days our Forum has suffered mass registrations of unknown "people", probably using so-called bots. We try to clean up and stop this as best we can. We have now introduced manual handling to approve new registrations. This means that MLS skippers who now make new registrations, have to wait a little, before they get full access to the Forum. We hope you understand and accept this action.

Curiosity: All faked registrations have e-mail addresses ending with


2018-10-14 Groups for Race Day 2

The Groups for Race Day 2, Tuesday Nov 16, CEST 21:00, have now been decided. The top three teams after Race Day 1 are seeded, one in each Group. The other teams were drawn by using "Random Name Picker". Regardless of the outcome/decisions of the pending PC case, it will not affect the top three positions.

Look on page "Teams/Schedule" to see on which server your team will sail.


2018-10-14 PC Decisions and Preliminary Results Day 1

The PC decisions are now published in the Forum. NOTE! One case is still pending. The preliminary results are published as if the case will NOT result in any disqualifications.


2018-10-02 Preliminary Results Day 1

You find the preliminary results for Race Day 1 HERE.


2018-10-01 Groups for Race Day 1

The groups for Race Day 1 have now been decided. All teams were drawn by using "Random Name Picker".

Look on page "Teams/Schedule" to see on which server your team will sail.

For the following race days (2-4), the top three teams will be seeded, one in each group.





for registration of possible new teams: Sep 30, CEST 21:00.


2018-09-24 Map Pack published

The courses for Season 8 have now been decided. Go to "Download" page and download the installaion program.


2018-09-18 Application/Registration partially closed

We are pleased to announce that 15 teams have signed up for Season 8. This means that there will be 3 servers with 5 teams each every race day.

Unless (exactly) 3 more teams will register, this will be the final set-up.

Of course new members to existing teams, (maximum of 12 members/team), are welcome to register all through the event up to and including Race Day 4. To be eligible to race, registration must have been done at least 24 hours in advance.


2018-09-16 Train RC44 & TP52!

Now you can practise and train RC44 and TP52 on some old MLS maps. On Downloads page, down right hand corner, you can click to download installation program.


2018-09-07 Invitation to Season 8 - Application/Registration open

An invitation mail has been sent out to a lot of VSK skippers. The mail contains IMPORTANT information and you should read it thoroughly. Make your Application/Registration NOW!


2018-09-07 New Forum

This season we have a new Forum. We hope this will make it even easier to fill out the PC Form using a ready-made template. Both Screenshot and Replay can be attached to a Topic. Read the instructions, (link on “Rules” page), and make your registration in the Forum.


2018-09-07 Boat Types for Season 8

The boats used for Season 8 will be: ACC, RC44 and TP52. Courses/Maps will be presented in due time before the season starts.


2018-08-30 Thank You Sandy!

As many of you may already know, Sandy (Camster), has reluctantly decided to retire from VSK and place his boats in the dry dock. After suffering many "hacks" of his PC and his "Northspace" website, he has decided enough is enough.

Sandy will always be one of the most respected players of VSK. His contribution over many years in organising events through the ISAF Team, creating some of the best maps and by no means least, his input and advice to Nadeo in the games' updates. He has probably supported all of the VSK community, (present and past), with information through his "Northspace" website, which was the place to go to for any help in all aspects of the game.

Sandy's help and advice with setting up and running the MLS Seasons have been invaluable, along with his long-time suffering? in the Protest Committee.

So from all of us on the Race and Protest Committees, and we are sure, from the MLS Teams that compete in this event, we wish him well and convey a massive THANKS for all Sandy has done.


Good Winds Sandy


2018-08-30 Season 8 coming up!

We are happy to announce the 8th season of MLS. The first race day will be Tuesday October 2. The following race days will run every other Tuesday, i.e. Oct 16, Oct 30, Nov 13 and finish off with Grande Finale, Tuesday Nov 27. Always Tuesdays, always CEST/CET 21:00.

Boat types for this season has not yet been finally decided and there are some more things to fix before we send out invitations and Application/Registration will open. Have a look at this website regularly and READ THE NEWS.


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