2018-02-21 Preliminary Results Day1 + List of Cancels and Chat Pens

Preliminary results Season 7 - Day 1 published here. List of Nadeo Pen Cancellations and Manual Pens in Chat is published in Forum.


2018-02-19 REMINDER Start Race Day 1

All skippers registered for Season 7 should have received a REMINDER mail. It contains the basic information for tomorrows races, incl. password. Let's Go! Good Winds!


2018-02-17 Groups for Race Day 1

The groups for Race Day 1 are now published on Teams/Schedule page.

The top three teams from Season 6 are seeded, i.e. one in each group. The other teams are spread randomly using "Random Name Picker". For the following race days, the leading top three teams will be seeded and the other teams randomly spread as above.


2018-02-12 NO MORE TEAMS !

Registration of more teams is now closed. Of course we expect more skippers to join existing teams.


2018-02-06 Courses for Season 7 presented

The maps for Season 7 are now decided. Go to Download page, click om the World Atlas to download the installation program. We strongly recommend that you install the Map Pack. Not only can you analyse the maps in the Editor. All images and sounds related to the maps will already be on your PC when you enter the server.


2018-01-27 Major League Sailing - Season 7

Once again we welcome you to a thrilling MLS Season.

The first racing day will be Tuesday,February 20, at CET 21:00.



- Boat types: ACC, RC44, Swan45

- 3 skippers/team in each race.

- 5 teams in "Grande Finale".

- 1 "Medal Race" (last race) in "Grande Finale".

- Withdrawal of Manual Pen must be posted in Forum before CET/CEST 20:00 the day after the racing day.

- A boat hailing a manual penalty. does NOT have to submit a protest if the protested boat takes its pen.

- A boat voluntarily taking a pen, (in case it has broken a rule), MUST write "360 done" after doing it.

- Highlighting knowledge of World Sailing, Racing Rules of Sailing, 2017-2020.


Now get your teams organised and fill out the Application/Registration form on the S.I. side regardless whether you registered before or not. NOTE! Each individual skipper MUST send in Application/Registration form. We really need HOSTS and Bandicam operators. Please tick in boxes if you can help.


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