Race Committee's response to some suggestions for changes

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Race Committee's response to some suggestions for changes

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1. Change of format
The RC has decided NOT to change the format for the event. The whole basic idea with MLS was to sail TOGETHER in a team.
There might be some advantages with the proposed change, but it also raises some questions regarding booking hosts, reserve hosts and video operators.
2. New Boat Type
It has been suggested to bring in AC75 into MLS.
The RC has decided NOT to introduce AC75 for the moment. However, we suggest that some devoted skippers create a separate AC75 tournament to test the boat and evaluate its suitability for MLS racing. (Could Tuesdays when there is no regular MLS racing be suitable)?
3. Courses (Maps)
Different ways of presenting/publish the maps for each race have been discussed.
The RC has decided that all maps that will be used, will be included in one download pack.
Instead of presenting all maps for each day at the beginning of the tournament, the courses to be used will be presented not earlier than one week ahead of the next Race Day to come.

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Re: Race Committee's response to some suggestions for changes

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I am very disappointed with the RC's decision to once again sail the RC44 instead of the AC75. There would have been, in my opinion, enough time to test the AC75 and it would only have been two races if the AC75 had replaced the RC44. Holding a test of the AC75 is certainly a good thing, but as the boat is not being used, I don't think many will want to race such a test event alongside the MLS. I would have helped with anything I could have done to get the AC75 flying in the MLS, but now my motivation to even participate is at an all-time low.

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