MLS Day 4 Red Server Race 3 Protest

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MLS Day 4 Red Server Race 3 Protest

Post by Legsy »

Submission Type: Protest

1.Your registered Boat Name: Legsy

2.Race Day: 4

3.Group (colour): Red

4.Race (number):3

5.Time (in Replay): 11:50.

6.Rule(s) applicable: 10

7.Skipper(s) involved: Legsy TTW / Zee POL-Vsc

8.Description: Approaching the first mark Legsy on port. No room for Legsy so he decides to duck the fleet. As Legsy is heading down to duck fleet Zee Pol on upwind just turns to 90 degrees to port and hits Legsy. Legsy gets first RRS10 then, Legsy write P Zee Pol. As both boats have no speed Legsy gets another RRS10. Legsy asks for cancellation for both penalties. Zee -Pol cancels both requests.
Zee POL took no care in what he was doing, these actions had a detrimental effect on Legsy's race due to the time loss. Legsy asks for some redress compensation.

9.Print Screen attached (required for a valid PROTEST):Y

10.Replay attached (optional):Y
Midsommarvaka 2-MLS g r3.Replay.Gbx
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Re: MLS Day 4 Red Server Race 3 Protest

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Same incident here :

MLS Protest Committee

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