MLS Day 4 Red Server Race 1 - Cancel explaination

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MLS Day 4 Red Server Race 1 - Cancel explaination

Post by samuel »

Submission Type:

1.Your registered Boat Name: samuel

2.Race Day:4

3.Group (colour):red

4.Race (number):1

5.Time (in Replay):14:52:36

6.Rule(s) applicable:nadeo gave me 11 but i think 16.

7.Skipper(s) involved:sam, donmasimo

8.Description: After dog leg mark, sam gybe immediately to port, donmasimo in sequence also gybe.
Donmasimo : finish her gybe at 14:51:02
Donmasimo : both boat paralelo at 14:52:40
Contact : occurred at 14:53:28
As you can see, there is no time enough to sam react, so I think RRS 16.1 it was break.
Sam said P+don on chat, once there is not necessary due nadeo pen, I withdraw it.

9.Print Screen attached (required for a valid PROTEST):

10.Replay attached (optional):
San Francisco Bay Blues-MLS(03'01''70)r1 mls.Replay.Gbx
r1 day 4
(2.63 MiB) Downloaded 179 times

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Re: MLS Day 4 Red Server Race 1 - Cancel explaination

Post by PC Admin »

Facts :
> Samuel and Donmasino gybe to port around the offset mark, with Donmasino to leeward
> Donmasino luffs to parallel course with Samuel, and the separation is 1 boat width
> The VSK umpire gives a penalty to Samuel under rule 11
> Samuel cancels the penalty

> Donmasino gave Samuel room
> Samuel kept clear
> No rules broken by any of the boats
> Cancellation accepted

Further info:
> Samuel got a penalty due to lag. In Samuels replay, we can see that Donmasino does not stop his rotation, and hits Samuel.
>This would have been a violation of rule 16.1. But since Donmasino did not sail this way, he can not be penalized for the collision on Samuels screen.
> Reference is made to the following part of the MLS rules:
>"Boats can be exonerated from a penalty if their respective replay show that they have not violated any rule."

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