Season 11, Race Day 4, Group Red, Race 3, Cancel Explanation

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Season 11, Race Day 4, Group Red, Race 3, Cancel Explanation

Post by Petter »

Submission Type:

1.Your registered Boat Name: Petter

2.Race Day: 4

3.Group (colour): Red

4.Race (number):3

5.Time (in Replay): 11:15

6.Rule(s) applicable: 18.3b, 13, 16

7.Skipper(s) involved: Petter, Carly Master, Clande

Carly tacks in the zone just by the mark and hits the mark getting 31.1. I approach on stb also having tacked into the zone and luffs to avoid Carly who tacks twice in the zone. I try to keep clear of Clande at mark but hit Carly when his boat, nailed to the mark, makes an unexpected movement rounding. rrs 18.3b does not apply on the latest ISAF as far as I can tell. Anyhow I think rrs 13 or 16 should apply when Carly tacks at mark, forcing me to luff greatly, and bears down over it using it moving forward (no movement in the mark in VSK). Carly accept his misstake, make the cancel and takes to penalty turns, 720, both for hitting the mark and the incident with me. I think this should close the case without any further punishments.

9.Print Screen attached (required for a valid PROTEST):

10.Replay attached (optional): Has been attached.
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Re: Season 11, Race Day 4, Group Red, Race 3, Cancel Explanation

Post by PC Admin »

Facts :
> CarlyMaster on starboard 1 boat length below the layline, 1 boat length ahead of Petter (slightly below the layline), 1 boat length ahead of Clande (slightly above the layline)
> CarlyMaster tacks to port in the zone, then starts to tack back less than 3 seconds later, just below the layline
> Before the tack is complete, Petter has to luff to avoid contact
> Still before the tack is complete, CarlyMaster drifts in to the mark and Clande has to luff above closehauled to avoid him, Petter parallell 1 boat width to windward of Carlymaster
> CarlyMaster bears away, completes his tack and his stern swings out and hits Petter 2 seconds later, which Petter got a 18.3b penalty for.
> Petter cancels his pen and CarlyMaster does 2 penalty turns

Decision :
> CarlyMaster broke rule 13 when not keeping clear of Petter while tacking
> CarlyMaster broke rule 18.3 when forcing Petter and Clande to sail above close hauled to avoid him
> CarlyMaster broke rule 31 when hitting the mark
> CarlyMaster broke rule 16.1 when changing course without giving Petter room to keep clear
> The VSK penalty Petter got was wrong, hence the cancellation is accepted
> CarlyMaster did a penalty turn as response to the cancellation, but did not write "360 done" as per MLS rules, so the turn is not valid
> CarlyMaster to be scored DSQ

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