Group Mid, Race 1, Protest and Redress Request.

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Group Mid, Race 1, Protest and Redress Request.

Post by Balder »

Submission Type: Protest and Redress Request.

1. Your registered Boat Name: Balder

2. Race Day: Final

3, Group (colour): Green

4. Race (number): 1

5. Time (in Replay): 10:02

6. Rule(s) applicable: 10 / 13

7. Boat(s) involved: Defender

8. Description: Balder sailing close haul starboard tack at lay line against first windward mark. Defender tack way to close at my starboard side. Defender's mast hit mine. Lost speed from 11,5 knots to 7 knots, lost my 3rd place to 11th place at rounding. Did write P Defender in game chat. Defender did not do any 360.

I ask for redress; I think it's fair if I get a redress at least 8 places up. I score 14 in race 1.

9. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest): Yes

10. Replay attached (recommended): Yes
Print screen
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Re: Group Mid, Race 1, Protest and Redress Request.

Post by euphoria »

I wrote "P Defender" for the same case, so I withdraw my formal protest as it's already covered in Balders protest.
For Balder's redress request, it's MLS Rule 3.5.1.e that is relevant:
"If a boat is significantly slowed down" "due to a collision with another boat obliged to keep clear" "it must be considered that the boat is physically damaged as described in RRS 62.1 (b)."
Due to the collision, he had to bear away to build speed and was no longer able to fetch the mark. Without the collision, he would have had no problem fetching the mark, rounding to leeward of Jepson, not worse than 4th position.

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Re: Group Mid, Race 1, Protest and Redress Request.

Post by Toppen »

Facts :
Jepsom and Balder were STB and fetching topmark
Zee and Defender were on port
Defender created an overlap with Zee
Defender asked RTT
Zee tacked immediatly, then Defender tacked to STB and hit mast of Balder
Balder lost lots of speed, and asked for redress
Euphoria and Balder protested against Defender
No penalty turn done

Conclusion :
Defender's bow was behind Balder's bow, so Defender's RTT call was wrong according to MLS Rule 3.2.ii
Balder was fetching topmark, so Defender's RTT call was wrong according to MLS Rule 3.2.iii
Zee tacked immediatly after RTT call according RRS20.2(c), so Defender's RTT call was too late
Balder's protest ACCEPTED
Euphoria withdraw his protest
Defender DSQ for breaking RRS10 because of mast hit with Balder

Balder is entitled to be redressed according MLS Rule 3.5.1(e)
Contact occured before first topmark, around 30% of the race, so lots of things could have happened
Best and worst realistic finish positions for Balder were 1st and 13th (after DSQ of Defender)
Balder to be given 7 points redress, which is the average between best and worst realistic finish positions.

MLS Protest Committee
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