Green server Race 3 - Cancel Explanation - euphoria vs Jonte

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Green server Race 3 - Cancel Explanation - euphoria vs Jonte

Post by euphoria »

Submission Type: C

1. Your registered Boat Name: euphoria

2. Race Day: F

3, Group: Green

4. Race: 3

5. Time: 13:42

6. Rule(s) applicable: 2, 13

7. Boat(s) involved: Jonte / euphoria

8. Description:
I protested Jonte manually, because I did not see who I got the pen from.
I withdraw that protest, as it's covered by this cancel explanation.

Jonte did not fetch the mark, but still he rounded it by passing HTW and hitting the mark. I had to luff to avoid him, so he broke rule 13. His move initiated a series of chain reaction events causing problem to many boats. There is a strong current down the course, and it's known that this mark is difficult...

I was compelled to break a rule (11) due to these actions. I could tack and break rule 13 for crashing with Ziomax. I could stay high and hit the mark. I could stay HTW and go backwards and hit the boats behind. Usually it's best to then hit the boat that is breaking the rules, which I did.

9. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest): N/A

10. Replay attached (recommended):
MLS 13-F3.Replay.Gbx
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Re: Green server Race 3 - Cancel Explanation - euphoria vs Jonte

Post by Toppen »

All boats were STB, and approaching topmark
Jonte leeward, was overlapped by Euphoria
Euphoria leeward, was overlapped by Ziomax
Ziomax leeward, was overapped by Winslow
Jonte tried to pass topmark without passing HTW and without touching the mark
Jonte failed, tacked in zone and hit topmark and Euphoria
Jonte received RRS31.1 and did a penalty turn
Euphoria received RRS18.2(a) and asked to cancel

Conclusion :
Jonte broke RRS13 when he passed HTW in zone, and did one penalty turn according to RRS44.1(a)
Euphoria broke RRS11, but exonerated under RRS64.1(a)
Euphoria's cancellation ACCEPTED

MLS Protest Committee
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