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The downloaded zip-file should be installed under

...User/Documents/'Your version of Virtual Skipper'/Boats/




For teams which so wish, MLS can provide ready-made skins. Each Boat Type will have a blue, green, red and yellow version. Contact us and we will provide you with the files for the version you choose. (Unless it is already booked).

N.B. Skins previously booked/taken are NOT to be used. Please, ask again if you need a skin.




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Maps for MLS Season 11

Click on the Atlas above to download the installation program.

Tuesdays CET/CEST 21:00

Day 1, February 25

Race 1 (ACC) Lady Madonna-MLS

Race 2 (RC44) Suspicious Minds-MLS 

Race 3 (ACC) Son of a Preacher Man-...

Day 2, March 10

Race 4 (ACC) Geysir-MLS

Race 5 (TP52) In the Ghetto-MLS

Race 6 (ACC) In the Heat of the Night-..

Day 3, March 24

Race 7 (ACC) Buster-MLS

Race 8 (RC44) Don't Be Cruel-MLS

Race 9 (ACC) Rebecka-MLS

Day 4, April 7

Race 10 (ACC) San Francisco Bay Blues-

Race 11 (TP52) Jailhouse Rock-MLS

Race 12 (ACC) Midsommarvaka 2-MLS

Grande Finale, April 21

Race F1 (ACC) Overfalls Long-MLS

Race F2 (ACC) Västra Hamnen-MLS

Race F3 (ACC) Darlin'-MLS

(We strongly recommend that you install the Map Pack. Not only can you analyse the maps in the Editor. All images and sounds related to the maps will already be on your PC when you enter the server = reduce initial lag).

Want to train RC44 & TP52?

Download installation program for a couple of previous MLS maps for these boat tyoes. Click HERE!